Web & Audio Conferences

PSBA, through its various programs, strives to provide the school leadership team with the tools they need to meet the responsibilities of school governance and leadership.

For more information on upcoming webconferences, contact PSBA Seminar and Events staff at (717) 506-2450, x-3314, or email Brenda Askey. For technical assistance, contact Accuconference directly at (800) 989-9239.

* For more information about the PSBA Board Development Value Pass and how it can save your school entity money, call (800) 932-0588, ext. 3340, or visit www.psba.org/workshops/value-pass.asp.
DO NOT attempt to log in to a Web conference more than 15 minutes prior to the start of the program. Until the program is live, the host location will display only a blank screen or PSBA Welcome page.