Value Pass

PSBA, through its various programs, strives to provide the school leadership team with the tools they need to meet the responsibilities of school governance and leadership.

Save thousands of dollars with PSBA's
Board Development Value Pass Program  

PSBA is once again offering the PSBA Board Development Value Pass as a way for school entities to offer professional development for board members and administrators for one flat fee. By signing up for the Value Pass, a school entity can send as many individuals to as many programs as they like.

School board issues can be very complex. The outcomes (student achievement) are too important to learn on the job by trial and error. That is why professional development is so important for board members and school administrators. Research, such as the Iowa Lighthouse Study, shows a direct correlation between student achievement and good board governance.

Additionally, you may register any of your team of 10 (including board officers) as well as any administrators (assistant superintendents, business managers, board secretaries and principals) for one low fee of $999 for the membership year July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014.

Many of PSBA's popular workshops are covered under the Value Pass, including Spring Legal Roundup, Board President Training Camp, New Board Orientation Program and Collective Bargaining Institute, as well as monthly web conferences. Districts simply need to sign up for the events they wish to attend and if they have a Value Pass, the fee is waived. Please note: Value Pass members will be charged for meals.

Paying for professional development individually could cost thousands of dollars more than by purchasing the Value Pass upfront. If only two school officials attended all of PSBA's educational offerings, a school entity could spend more than $2,000. No longer do districts need to decide which board members or administrators can attend to stay within budget. The more a district uses the Value Pass, the more cost effective it becomes. With the Value Pass, a lot of the guess work on budgeting is eliminated since it is one flat fee.

Signing up for the Value Pass is very simple. The dues mailing was recently sent to all board secretaries. Any school district interested in subscribing to the Value Pass simply needs to add the $999 to their dues payment.

The PSBA Board Development Value Pass does not include attendance at the PASA-PSBA School Leadership Conference, Student Delegate Program, School Solicitors Symposium and School Law Workshop. Programs included in the Value Pass will be clearly marked on all promotional material in the fee details. For more details, contact Pamela Price, director of Board Development, at (800) 932-0588, ext. 3340.