Gary Michael Smedley

Dr. Gary Michael Smedley, PharmD. Carbondale Area School District President, Board of Education 206 Fallbrook Street Carbondale, PA 18407 Greetings! My name is Gary Michael Smedley, and I’m running for the Section 4 Advisor Position for the Northeast… More

Thomas Kerek

(no statement currently available)              … More

Art Levinowitz

I have been involved in education my entire professional life. I was a teacher for 8 years, employed as an administrator for over 25 years for the New Jersey State Department of Education, and I have served on my local school board for 19 years… More

Maura Buri

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. My name is Maura Buri and I have three incredible children. I work in the accounting center of a National Property Management Company.  Over the years I have been involved in every aspect of my school district from the pre-school level through high school… More

Amy Goldman

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to present myself as a candidate for the two-year position of PSBA Sectional Advisor for Section 8, starting in 2019… More

Dan Hill

My name is Dan Hill.  I am currently the President of the Board of Education at the Westmont Hilltop School District, and I am excited to seek your vote to be next year’s section 6 advisor for the PSBA… More

Eric Wolfgang

My name is Eric Wolfgang and I wish to become the next President-Elect of this fine organization. I have been a member of the Central York School District, located just outside of York City, for the past 19 years and Board President for 11 of those years… More