Compensation Services

If a school entity has a need, chances are that PSBA has a service, expert or program to meet that need.

Compensation Studies

This service provides the district with a complete analysis of the internal equity and external competitiveness of the school districts current administrative or support staff compensation practices.  This service includes the development and analysis of job descriptions, an analysis of the current compensation structure and an analysis of the competitive external market.  An objective report including the findings of the study and recommendations will be provided.

Staffing and Efficiency Studies

PSBA reviews the district's support positions to evaluate the primary duties and responsibilities of each position to determine potential opportunities to improve operational effectiveness and efficiencies. Positions and processes will be evaluated for the purpose of identifying recommendations to enhance methods and maximize utilization of district resources.  There are three key steps to this process to include position analysis, interviews and the board presentation.  As part of the position analysis, PSBA works with district personnel to collect the necessary information to properly evaluate the duties and responsibilities of the support positions.  This analysis is then followed by interviews to collect supporting data and to identify possible redundancies and look for synergies that can enhance operational execution in the district.  In conclusion, PSBA will communicate the results to the board and/or cabinet level administrators.

Compensation Review and Market Assessment

PSBA will utilize the district's existing compensation structure and infuse that structure with current financial data in order to ensure district personnel are paid equitably and competitively.  We will provide a thorough review of the study to determine competitiveness and equity within the educational market.  We will also review salary ranges to ensure internal and external equity. 

Internal Equity Analysis

PSBA will provide an internal equity analysis to ensure that positions continue to be placed in appropriate job families and that pay ranges equitably reflect the responsibility of a position.  PSBA consultants will analyze the new position job descriptions, positions that have progressed over time, or the restructuring of positions to ensure the appropriate family placement. 

Compensation Updates

These services revise and adjust existing studies previously performed by PSBA.  The district will receive accurate financial information, which will be compared to current district pay rates to determine whether the district remains competitive within its market.  Charts are included to track career progression through pay ranges.  Also, updates allow for districts to insert additional positions and/or change current positions in the study as long as PSBA and qualified district personnel have appropriately evaluated the positions. 

Administrative Total Compensation Statements

This service provide the district with customized and  individualized Total Compensation Statements for administrators that demonstrate the "real" dollars devoted to salary, benefits, retirement and professional development.  As part of this service, PSBA customizes these reports to best demonstrate the districts investment.

Compensation Audit Service

During a compensation audit, PSBA will review a school district's current compensation structure for administrators and/or support staff, and make appropriate recommendations.  School district will receive a report stating the strengths and concerns of current compensation practices in the district.  The audit report also offers general recommendations based on observations made when reviewing how others in the organization are compensated.  This service includes the Audit Report only, it does not include an actual compensation study.  There would be a base fee for the Compensation Audit Service, which may position the district to consider other compensation related services that result from the findings. 

Job Description Services

PSBA's job description service has been redesigned to offer more flexibility and control to school districts. While PSBA offers a job description drafting service to create or update a district's job descriptions, there is now an additional service whereby PSBA can provide specialized training that allows the district to write their own administrative and/or support staff job descriptions. The district would not only learn the procedural steps to drafting and maintaining accurate and compliant job descriptions but would also receive training materials, sample job descriptions, and an audit by PSBA of a select group of completed job descriptions. 

As a valued member of PSBA, we are able to offer our comprehensive services at an affordable cost.  Please contact Britta Barrickman Ed.D., CCP, Director of School Personnel Services for a quote at (717) 506-2450, ext. 3369, or