Policy Maintenance Program

If a school entity has a need, chances are that PSBA has a service, expert or program to meet that need.

The Policy Maintenance Program fulfills the ongoing policy and administrative regulation needs of school entities.

Policy News Network (PNN)
The foundation of the Policy Maintenance Program is the Policy News Network newsletter. The PNN allows school entities to maintain current policy manuals. Included in the newsletter are new or revised model policies recommended due to new or revised legislation, court and arbitration decisions. The PNN also includes informative articles pertaining to current educational issues.
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Policy News Network + (PNN+)
The PNN+ assists school entities in maintaining or building a current administrative regulations manual in addition to maintenance of a current policy manual, through provision of new or revised model policies and administrative regulations.

Process Policy/Administrative Regulations
The Policy Maintenance staff analyzes, formats and prepares new or revised policies that have been officially acted on by the board, adds appropriate legal citations, copies and returns the formatted policies to the school entity. Administrative regulations will be processed in the same manner as received from the school entity.

PSBA Model Policies/Administrative Regulations
Only members of PSBA's Policy Maintenance Program are eligible to receive PSBA model policies. In addition to the policies issued through the PNN, members may request and receive 10 model policies annually. Members of PNN+ may request and receive 25 model administrative regulations annually, in addition to those received through the PNN+.

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