Policy Manual Review

If a school entity has a need, chances are that PSBA has a service, expert or program to meet that need.

If your policy manual has become outdated, our staff can review and revise your adopted policy manual to comply with current federal and state laws and regulations, applicable court and arbitration decisions and relevant policy issues.

This service is available to school entities that have completed the Policy Development Program and maintained membership in the Policy Maintenance Program.

Review Process
To initiate the review process, the school entity will be asked to submit the following materials to PSBA:

  • Current policy manual.
  • Collective bargaining agreements.
  • Administrative compensation plans.
  • Student/parent/faculty handbooks.
  • Current budget statement.

Policy personnel use PSBA's model policy manual as the foundation for the project, and incorporate relevant information from the materials listed above, to develop a customized draft policy manual. Copies of the draft policy manual are forwarded to the school entity along with a table of contents, index and a cross-reference sheet that notes the supporting documents used for each draft policy and the reason for any significant revision.

The draft manual is reviewed by the board and administrative team who recommend and return any necessary revisions. When review of the draft manual is complete, PSBA staff makes requested revisions and returns revised policies to the board for further consideration and adoption.

Contact for a quote
Please forward inquiries to Policy Programs.