Policy Manual Development

If a school entity has a need, chances are that PSBA has a service, expert or program to meet that need.

PSBA provides professionally written and legally referenced policies that are tailored to an individual school entity and economically priced. Our comprehensive model policy manual contains over 250 policies. Policy professionals assist the board and administrative team throughout each step of the process:

  • Initial on-site research.
  • Draft policy review/revision process.
  • Final adoption.

Policy Development Process
The development process begins with an on-site visit to the school entity where PSBA personnel review:

  • Existent policy manual.
  • Three years of board minutes.
  • Collective bargaining agreements.
  • Administrative compensation plans.
  • Student/parent/faculty handbooks.

At PSBA offices, the policy writer codifies the researched material and combines existent policies with PSBA policy language; updates policies to reflect current law, practice and terminology; and reconciles discrepancies between materials to create a draft policy manual.

Copies of the draft policy manual are forwarded to the school entity along with a table, index and cross-reference sheet with explanatory information. The draft manual is reviewed by the board and administrative team who recommend any necessary revisions.

When review of the draft manual is complete, PSBA staff makes requested revisions and returns revised policies to the board for further consideration and board adoption.

The policy development process includes one (1) free year of enrollment in the Policy Maintenance Program .

Fees are based on a specific proposal. Payment schedule: one-third due after completion of the on-site research; one-third due after receipt of the first draft; and the final third due 60 days after the second billing. This schedule allows payment to extend over two fiscal years.

Contact for a Quote
Please forward your name, school entity, county, intermediate unit, number of buildings and student enrollment information to Policy Programs.