Superintendent Evaluation

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Superintendent Evaluation Workshop

Strategies for evaluating your district's top leaders 

Evaluation of the district superintendent is now a required responsibility of the board of school directors.  Over the course of the twelve-month evaluation calendar, boards should continuously monitor the superintendent in a number of key areas including her/his ability to achieve performance goals for the district.  PSBA's superintendent evaluation services allow districts to ensure compliance with the new law while implementing a thorough, research-based approach to monitoring and assessing performance of the CEO. 

Delivered as bundled workshops (several districts coming together) or as an on-site session for individuals districts, PSBA offers evaluation services at customizable levels that allow you to choose a package consistent with your level of need and experience.  We provide you with the tools to be successful within the role of evaluator. Note: PSBA does not conduct the evaluation. Rather we provide consultative services that empower the board to effectively assess the superintendent's performance.

The basic Superintendent Evaluation Workshop provides the following:

  • A detailed look at legislative changes impacting your district
  • Sample evaluation instruments and how to establish excellent goals
  • Best practices in objectively evaluating superintendents and assistant superintendents
  • Academic research around performance evaluations for CEOs

All will be presented in a workshop. PSBA staff will discuss the linkage between district planning and the creation of mandatory objective performance standards that serve as the basis for ongoing evaluation.  We will also discuss and present sample contract language that can serve as a foundation for new contracts. 

You will leave prepared! During the workshop, PSBA will discuss strategies to customize an evaluation document and work with the board to establish appropriate timelines, procedures, and documentation.  We will also discuss requirements for making the results available to the public. 

Contact Todd Hosterman at, or (717) 506-2450, ext. 3351, for details on either our standard evaluation workshop or customized evaluation assistance available to your district. 


Price for a half day workshop:

One school district - $850 plus expenses
Two school districts - $700 per SD plus share the expenses
Three school districts - $550 per SD plus share the expenses
Four school districts - $400 per SD plus share the expenses
Greater than four, contact PSBA