Employee Relations

If a school entity has a need, chances are that PSBA has a service, expert or program to meet that need.

PSBA's Collective Bargaining and Human Resource Services

2012:  Prepare to Negotiate and Lead with Confidence. 

Bargaining begins with preparation.  And with the challenges facing public education, every dollar counts.  The conditions are tough, and the terrain can be unforgiving.  An investment in our services can pay for themselves (and more) through the savings realized by implementing effective bargaining strategies. With decades of experience, PSBA offers a full line of negotiations' services designed to prepare districts to negotiate with fairness, trust and respect. 

The Institute for Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations (CBLR)

Register NOW! Sessions begin in March! 
CBLR I:  Building the Foundation for Successful Negotiations: 
March 23 – PSBA HQT, Mechanicsburg
March 30th – A.W. Beattie CC, Allison Park
CBLR II:  Understanding the Details of Your Contract and Formulating Strategies for Successful Negotiations:
Sept 21 – A.W. Beattie CC, Allison Park
Sept 28 – PSBA HQT, Mechanicsburg
Email briefings on collective bargaining topics continue throughout the year.  Each of the two sessions features premier negotiators serving as speakers and program facilitators.  This is among the best professional development opportunities on the topic of negotiations in Pennsylvania! 

Negotiations Cluster Meetings

PSBA facilitates regional meetings throughout the state. These sessions provide an invaluable opportunity to network with fellow board members and administrators in districts in particular regions, counties or intermediate units. The seminar includes a comprehensive briefing on collective bargaining, a review of trend data and hot topics, and a facilitated discussion among participants. This service is offered as a membership benefit.

Contract Analysis

PSBA has analyzed hundreds of collective bargaining agreements for our members!  Districts should never enter bargaining without a thorough analysis of their contract completed.  This service provides a top-to-bottom review of your contract and a teleconference to explain our findings. We will also touch on strategies for effective negotiations, regional and statewide trends, and issues and hot topics. You will gain a much deeper understanding of how your collective bargaining agreement affects district operations!  It's a must. 

The Employee Relations Project

The Employee Relations Project is a comprehensive service customized to a school district's unique needs.  PSBA will advise district leaders on effective contract administration and employee relations' strategies. The project begins with a one-hour investigative telephone consultation to discuss key negotiations and employee relations issues facing the district. PSBA will then facilitate an on-site workshop that provides a detailed presentation based on the district's challenges, to include a thorough briefing on the district's contract and other negotiations issues.  The discussion with participants is interactive and permits an open dialogue on the issues, concerns, and challenges faced by the district as they consider future negotiations. It is never too early to prepare.

For more details on all PSBA Employee Relations Services and a customized quote to match your district's needs, please contact Wayne LeClair at (800) 932-0588, ext. 3375. He can also be reached via email at wayne.leclair@psba.org.