Workers' Compensation

If a school entity has a need, chances are that PSBA has a service, expert or program to meet that need.

Rising Above the Rest

A fully insured workers' compensation insurance program operated by the PSBA Insurance Trust for all public school member entities. Offering Pennsylvania school entities a stable and competitive workers' compensation market for more than 32 years, our program is based on the following principles:

  • Guaranteed net cost, so you are better able to budget your insurance expense
  • Your only liability is the annual premium cost
  • No joint or several liability, no potential assessments
  • Per-claim deductible options available

Supported by the following insurance professionals:

Claims Administration and Management
Quality and timely claims handling is a key component to any cost-effective workers' compensation program. Because all we do is based on school business, we can anticipate your needs and value your concerns.

Adoption of SCS Injury Management Model
Considered to be best practice in workers' compensation claims handling, SCS focuses on care and concern for injured workeres in order to provide best medical care for a full recovery and return to work. Benefits provided include:

  • Online claim reporting
  • Fixed-rate litigation fees and medical bill review/bill re-pricing
  • Assist participants with developing/reviewing physician panels and limited time transitional return-to-work programs
  • Customized narcotic/pain-management containment protocol and dedicated in-house Medical Managment Department
  • Reasonable adjuster caseload, ensuring quality claims management, effective communication and up-front efficient claim cost management
  • Specialized workers' compensation claims reviews

Other benefits of the program

  • Consistent school-specific insurance product presence in the marketplace since 1980
  • Premiums based on individual school claim experience

For more information about our Workers' Compensation program please contact us e-mail

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