Pennsylvania’s charter schools, explained: How they work, and why Gov. Wolf wants to reform them

Whether they want more funding for traditional public schools, or support the growing charter industry, advocates and policymakers across Pennsylvania all agreed on one thing this week: The debate over charter school funding has reached a “crisis point… More

PSBA Addresses the Senate Education Committee on Charter School Funding Reform

Contact: Annette Stevenson Chief Communications Officer annette.stevenson@psba… More

Wolf moves to reform PA’s ‘flawed’ charter school law that he calls one of the worst in the nation

Gov. Tom Wolf is calling for some radical changes in Pennsylvania’s charter school law, a law that he calls flawed, outdated and one of the worst in the nation. At a news conference in Allentown Tuesday, Wolf announced executive actions he is undertaking to reform the 22-year-old law… More

Wolf’s ‘dream for a better PA’: fairer distribution of money to schools, reforms to charter schools

Wolf made it clear that despite pushing the lifeblood of state funding to school districts to a new high-water mark of $6.2 billion, he’s not done yet. He wants to see more of those basic education dollars to school districts get distributed through the state’s fair funding formula… More

Who decides whether charter schools open in PA? Not just your local school district

Created shortly after Pennsylvania passed its charter-school law in 1997, the appeals board has long been controversial for its ability to overturn decisions of the local school boards that regulate charter schools. In addition to the secretary of education, Pennsylvania’s board is supposed to have six members appointed by the governor… More

Bill would keep charter schools from claiming they are tuition-free

A bill that passed the state House on Wednesday with little resistance includes numerous accountability changes for charter schools, including language that would require them to disclose that they are taxpayer-funded. The wording for that change comes from legislation crafted by Schlossberg. The state Senate has yet to vote on the bill… More

House passes charter school package, but funding conundrum remains

State House lawmakers have passed a slate of bills aimed at reforming the commonwealth's 22-year-old charter school laws. Two sparked impassioned debate — but a larger discussion about funding is still brewing… More

House panel approves four charter school bills

A House committee passed four charter school bills Monday, two by party-line votes, amid signs that these bills will see new amendments during the coming weeks… More

At Capitol rally, educators call for charter school funding reform, better oversight

Pennsylvania school officials didn’t gather in the Capitol rotunda Monday to praise charter and cyber-charter schools. Nor did they come to bury them… More

Reform sought as cyber charter school costs top $42M in NEPA districts

The 37 school districts in Northeast Pennsylvania pay a combined $42 million in cyber charter school tuition each year. The total amount paid — and the way the state determines tuition — has many people calling for reform… More