Charter School Funding Reform: Fair reforms will provide savings for districts

School leaders ask that the General Assembly reform the unfair system for charter school tuition. Every Pennsylvania school district, regardless of its size, location, and wealth, makes payments to these schools for resident students who are enrolled. The charter school funding formula has not been changed since it was created 23 years ago… More

100 School Districts and Growing: Charter School Funding Reform Resolution Adoption

For Immediate Release PSBA Media Contact: Annette Stevenson, chief communications officer 717.506.2450 ext. 3315 (Mechanicsburg, PA) Thursday, March 5, 2020 – The Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) announces today that more than 100 school districts have now voted to adopt the resolution calling for charter school funding reform… More

Adopt the 2020 resolution for charter school funding reform

In this legislative session, PSBA has been leading the charge with the Senate, House of Representatives and the Governor’s Administration to push for positive charter reform… More

Charter school tuition is now biggest budget pressure for school districts

PSBA announced that the results from the recently completed 2020 State of Education survey show that more than 70% of school districts identified mandatory charter school tuition costs as one of their biggest sources of budget pressure… More

Charter school tuition now surpassing pension costs as the biggest challenge for district budgets

For Immediate Release PSBA Media Contact: Annette Stevenson, chief communications officer  717.506.2450 ext. 3315 (Mechanicsburg, PA) Thursday, January 30, 2020 – The Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) announces today, highlights of the recently conducted 2020 State of Education survey… More

Management companies don’t have the same rights as charter schools, appeals board rules

A powerful state board ruled on Tuesday that charter management companies, the private entities that primarily operate charter schools in southeastern Pennsylvania, don’t have the same rights as their charter school clients to challenge decisions by locally elected school boards… More

Gov. Wolf’s charter school accountability plan saves nearly $280 million

Gov. Tom Wolf’s plan to improve the educational quality of charter schools and control rising costs will save nearly $280 million a year, the governor told the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators on Friday… More

Gov. Wolf set to discuss charter school reform package

Governor Tom Wolf is set to discuss his charter school reform package and encourage new legislation. Right now there are almost 200 charter schools in Pennsylvania but the Governor says the state’s charter school law is among the worst in the country. Governor Wolf says our charter school law is flawed and outdated… More

Pennsylvania lawmaker plans hearings on cyber charter school bill by year’s end

A Pennsylvania lawmaker who introduced a bill aimed at changing the structure of the state’s charter school system said he intends to hold public hearings before the year draws to a close. In House Bill 1897, state Rep… More

‘Bizarre’ circumstances have a charter school appeal stuck in limbo in Harrisburg, with taxpayers footing the bill

The state Charter Appeals Board, which mediates disputes between locally elected school boards and charter schools, is currently unable to take action on an appeal brought by the Propel Charter School network, which wants to consolidate 13 campuses in Pittsburgh into one entity overseen by a single board and administration… More