My name is Sabrina Backer and I’m running for Vice-President of PSBA. As an enthusiastic advocate for public education and a deep commitment to serving my community, I believe the role of Vice President is an opportunity for me to make a positive impact on our schools.

First and foremost, education is the foundation of progress and success. It is the key to unlocking the potential within each and every student. As Vice President of PSBA, I will aim to work to ensure that our public-school boards receive the support, resources, and attention they need to provide the best possible education to every child. Together we can create an educational environment that sets our students up for success.

I believe in the power of collaboration. The Vice President of PSBA plays a crucial role in fostering partnerships and I am committed to building strong relationships and facilitating open lines of communication. By bringing together diverse perspectives and ideas, we can create a stronger organization that can serve the unique needs of local boards.

An essential aspect of my candidacy is my dedication to inclusivity and diversity. Our schools should be safe spaces that embrace students from all backgrounds, cultures, and abilities. By assisting boards in championing diversity in our educational institutions, we can prepare our students to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

I firmly believe that effective leadership is rooted in integrity and transparency. If elected as Vice President, I will uphold these principles. I will work collaboratively to make informed decisions that prioritize the best interests of local boards.

I am running for Vice President as PSBA because I am passionate about public education and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of students. I humbly ask for your support and the opportunity to serve as your Vice President.