January 2018 is School Director Recognition Month!

In January, we pause to salute a group of nine people who spend dozens of hours each month voluntarily leading our schools and making difficult decisions – they are the school directors.

As the successes of our students are being highlighted in a statewide campaign called “PA Public Schools: Success Starts Here,” let’s not forget our elected school directors who play a significant role in creating the environment where those successes can happen.

Materials to help you celebrate your education leadership:

  1. Certificate to download, customize and print
  2. PSBA's resolution
  3. Suggestions for celebrating
  4. Did you know…?
  5. A suggested editorial

This video conveys our deep appreciation for the efforts made by school directors every single day across the Commonwealth. No words can adequately express the thanks and gratitude we have for the work you do. Perhaps it is best coming from those who benefit most from your dedication.