Candidate Selection 

PSBA members seeking election to office for the association are required to submit a nomination form no later than May 31, 2023, at 5:00 p.m. to be considered.  All applications for nomination are reviewed by the 2023 Nominating Committee, and candidates who meet eligibility requirements will be interviewed in June. According to PSBA bylaws and Policy 303, the Nominating Committee may endorse slated candidates. When the information is available. Please note that endorsed candidates will be noted with an asterisk (*).

Current PSBA officer openings:

(Please click on the hyperlinked text to view role descriptions.)

Voting Procedure

Each member entity will have one vote for each officer. This will require boards of the various school entities to come to a consensus on each candidate and cast their vote electronically during the open voting period.

Voting is accomplished through a secure third-party, web-based voting site that requires a password login. One person from each member entity will be authorized as the official person to register the vote on behalf of his or her entity. In the case of school districts, intermediate units, career, and technical centers, it will be the board secretary who castes the votes. In the case of community colleges, the president is designated as the authorized registrar.

Special note: Boards are strongly encouraged to add “discussion and voting on PSBA Officer candidates” to their agenda during one of their meetings in August, September, or October before the open voting period ends.

PSBA Candidates FAQ

*Any slated candidate that demonstrates exceptional leadership at the local and state level shall be considered for “endorsement” by the Nominating Committee and the determination shall be noted on the slate of candidates. (PSBA Bylaws, Section 300 – Policy 303)

PSBA Insurance Trustees

Member entities also are asked to vote for open trustee positions on the PSBA Insurance board. PSBA Insurance provides complimentary travel/accident insurance to all school directors from member school entities while on official school board business. As such, all member entities are considered participants in PSBA Insurance programs and are eligible to vote.

School Board Secretaries Forum

Only school board secretaries may nominate and vote for the forum officers.