Education has always been an active part of Larry Augustine’s life. This includes being a student, a professor, an administrator and a school board member for almost 30 years. Professionally, he has been a college professor. In the past, he served on the Selinsgrove Area School Board (Snyder Co.) as secretary, vice president and since 2015, as president. In 2012, he became an elected representative of the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit, which serves 17 different schools districts in central Pennsylvania. He served as vice president and since 2013, as president. He has participated in PSBA activities since 2008 when he was elected PSBA liaison. Some of the duties and responsibilities he held in these positions are setting policy, acting on recommendations from the administrators and board members, adopting budgets, approving contracts, comprehensive planning for the future, levying taxes, conducting student and administrative hearings as required, and serving on committees, among others. For two years he served on the Tim Allwein Award Committee at PSBA and now serves on the Legislative Advisory Committee. Several years ago, he earned the citation of Master School Board Director. He enjoys participating with others in the process of having an outstanding school district, a real meaningful and responsive intermediate unit and, now, a responsive PSBA.