Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance, and their affiliated construction services company WTI, provide industry-leading roofing and building envelope solutions. With a focus on improving long-term performance and ROI, their capabilities include quality products with an emphasis on sustainability. Their roof restoration systems enable school districts to restore many types of roofing systems versus replacing them, potentially saving millions of dollars. And their unique Roof Management Programs take a holistic approach to managing roof inventory, so you can understand the condition of roof systems across your district, establish priorities and spend your money wisely for the best ROI and building performance. They meet the needs of school districts with a dedicated team that includes expert WTI Technicians who provide world-class diagnostics, repair and maintenance services, and Field Sales Representatives who are among the most highly trained and experienced roofing experts in the country. They have worked with 174 school districts across Pennsylvania (many for decades). Tremco Roofing/WTI solutions are available through the KPN Cooperative Contract for speed, quality and compliance. To request a consultation, please visit

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