A Closer Look series

Special Reports and Guides

  • 2016-17 State of Education Report — The annual State of Education report surveyed chief school administrators from school districts, career and technical centers and intermediate units, as well as pulling data from public sources. It is intended to be a barometer of not only the key indicators of public school performance but also the challenges schools face and how they are coping with them.
  • The Essentials of Parliamentary Procedure, 2018 —  A survival guide for Pennsylvania school boards
  • Essentials for School Board Service, 2018 — A guide to surviving your first year
  • 2015-16 Education Law Summary
    This document is provided for educational purposes only and contains information to facilitate a general understanding of the laws that were enacted during the 2015-16 legislative session affecting school districts that were reported by PSBA. It is not intended to be an exhaustive explanation of the new laws.
  • 2015-16 PSBA Legislative Victory Report
    During the 2015-16 session of the General Assembly, PSBA tracked thousands of bills, and participated in meetings, provided  testimonies, analyses and comments on key proposals. The association worked to win support for the issues of greatest importance
    to local school officials, and to defeat those that were bad public policy.
  • Legal Alert on Act 10 Investments
    As highlighted in PSBA’s Policy News Network Volume III of 2016 issued in May, Act 10 of 2016 expanded the types of investments permissible for school districts, but in doing so also expanded potential exposure to financial risk. Accordingly, PSBA’s revised policy guide for Policy 609, Investment of District Funds, emphasizes the need for extra caution with regard to Act 10 investments.
  • Regulating the protection and rights of transgender students in public schools, “It's the Law,” PSBA Bulletin, January 2016
    Protecting and recognizing the legal rights of transgender students is, in some respects quite simple; but in other respects is quite complicated with nuances that do not fall easily into the legal principles prohibiting sex discrimination with which we are all familiar.
  • Meaningful Change Under the Every Student Succeeds Act: Recommendations from Pennsylvania Public Education Stakeholders — An Every Student Succeeds Act Study Group (ESSA), convened by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA), has released recommendations on how the new ESSA should be implemented in the commonwealth.
  • BUILDING A BETTER PROCESS FOR SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION REIMBURSEMENT: Recommendations of the PSBA Workgroup for PlanCon Improvements
    The state’s complicated and antiquated process, known as PlanCon, for approval of these projects is in dire need of modernization.
    STARTING THE CONVERSATION: Strategies for Achievement and Accountability —
    In the fall of 2015, in anticipation of finalization of the ESSA through Congress, and as interest in school turnaround models began to gain traction in the state General Assembly, PSBA invited comment and feedback from superintendents from around the commonwealth.There is no single way to address the multitude of issues faced by education professionals today. Instead, the areas discussed in this special report are starting points in the conversation about how to promote success in Pennsylvania’s public schools.