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Publications for School Law Professionals

Regular membership in the Pennsylvania School Board Solicitors Association includes one set of the following.*

  • School Law Information Exchange
  • Public Sector Arbitration
  • State and Federal Pamphlet Law Reprints
  • PSBA Bulletin

Additional Subscription Sets: $225

Purchase additional sets of the comprehensive subscription package (for branch offices, firm libraries, or to speed in-house circulation).  Additional sets include PSBA publications only. 

Comprehensive subscription package for nonsolicitor school attorneys: $600

Attorneys who regularly represent public school entities (including charter schools), but are not appointed school board solicitors (and thus not eligible for regular Solicitors Association membership) may receive the comprehensive subscription package. Subscribers also receive discounted member rates for attendance at PSBA continuing legal education and other programs, and are eligible to participate in PSBA's e-mail update service for school attorneys. To enroll, follow instructions on the PSBSA Enrollment Form to order (also see News & Publications/Order Forms).

School Law References*

  • The Pennsylvania School Law Handbook