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Laws onLine for School Leaders

Finally -- an affordable solution for the expense and inconvenience of finding up-to-date editions of the Public School Code, other laws and court cases affecting your decision-making!

A special password-protected page of the PSBA Web site will lead Laws on Line subscribers to state and federal statutes and regulations, including the same Pennsylvania state statutes database featured in Westlaw¨ subscriptions used by legal professionals. For the equivalent of only $29 per person per year, this powerful information tool gives you:

  • The full text of every section of the Pennsylvania statutes and Pennsylvania Constitution.
  • Enactment/amendment history and summaries of court decisions interpreting each section.
  • Full text of state and federal court decisions within Pennsylvania , plus all decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.
  • Continuously updated content, reflecting amendments and new cases within days or hours.
  • Easy navigation with comprehensive tables of contents and powerful Westlaw searching.
  • Links to federal statutes and state and federal administrative regulations.
  • Convenient access from wherever you have Internet access.

How to subscribe

Purchases convenient online access for your leadership team -- all board members, chief school administrator, business manager and board secretary are automatically enrolled.

Each add-on module extends access to up to five additional central office or building-level administrators. (NOTE: Add-on modules available only to school districts that have purchased a basic subscription and are enrolled in PSBA's Administrator Option. Add-on modules may be purchased by intermediate units and area vocational schools without the basic subscription.)