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Online 'Jobs in PA'

Member entities are allowed to place free "help wanted" ads at

Deadlines: Ads can be submitted at any time through, and will be posted within 48 hours of PSBA receiving the submission and sending a notice back to the member school entity that it has been received.  Friday submissions will not be posted until the following week.

Ad specifications: Ad copy should be 70 words or less. The ad should include the name of the sender, the school entity, a phone number and email address. Please send ads in paragraph format. Refer to district website for more information/complete job description. PSBA reserves the right to edit all submissions.

Length of posting: Ads will remain on PSBA's website for four weeks and then be removed unless the member school entity requests an extension. 

Charter schools: We will print ads for bricks-and-mortar charter schools as long as the sponsoring district grants permission. Charter school ads must be submitted by the sponsoring district with a note that approval has been granted by the sponsoring district. We do not run ads for cyber charter schools that are not connected with any specific district.


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