Board policy sets a course of action through establishing local legislation by which the school entity is held accountable for measurable outcomes.

PSBA developed an optional and fully customizable Educational Equity Policy Guide for school entities that choose to prioritize equity by systematically embedding equity into the school entity’s structure, identity and practices. A school entity-wide Educational Equity Policy sets the expectation for equity as the foundation for the school entity.

Educational Equity Policy User Guide
This guide for the Educational Equity Policy has been designed to assist users with drafting a customized policy that meets the specific needs and context of their school entity. This user guide is organized into three sections:

  • Policy 832. Educational Equity – Outline:
    This section focuses on the outline of the Educational Equity Policy.
  • Customizing Policy Content:
    This section seeks to help school entities customize their own equity policy utilizing Policy 832. Educational Equity Policy as a template.
  • Action Steps to develop an equity policy:
    This section describes key action steps to develop a school entity educational equity policy.

For information about equity policy management services, contact Director of Professional Development William Smeltzer at 717-506-2450 ext. 3340 or Senior Director of Governance Davelyn Smeltzer at ext. 3357.