PSBA provides members of our Policy Services with a Web-based policy system. This Web-based policy system features:

  • Expanded search capabilities, including sample policy searching
  • Streamlined collaboration with PSBA
  • Innovative access to Web-based legal links
  • Customizable board policy approval process
  • Improved flexibility and control in organizing and managing your policies
  • Greater efficiency in accessing and utilizing the Policy News Network (PNN) and policy updates

Updates to the Web-Based Policy System

The PSBA Web-based policy platform sports a recently updated appearance and improve functionality for hand-held devices. Content and editing features of the system will not be changed. Please click on the following link to watch a recorded webinar reviewing the new look and updates to the Web-based policy system.

Updated help documents and workflows are linked below.

Training Information and Policy Tutorials

Updated training and policy tutorial recordings are coming soon to incorporate the new look of the Web-based policy platform. Please contact for assistance.

The following documents will assist you with working in the system:

Web-based Policy System Review Webinars 

 Are you new to working with policy in your school entity, or would you like some refresher training on working in the policy system? Please join us for a complimentary webinar to review the system, learn how to access policy updates and customize your school entity’s Web-based manual, and see the functionality of the system. Sign-up for one of the webinars by clicking the Registration link below for the date that best fits your schedule:

Please contact if you need the link and login information for your school entity’s policy manual.