The Board Operations Guideline service is available only to members of PSBA Policy Services.

An effective school board not only governs through board policy, but has developed and maintained a body of guidelines for its own operations. PSBA Board Operations Guidelines (BOGs) are designed to provide some of the detail, including several forms and letters, needed to implement the Local Board Procedures section of the Board Policy Manual. The BOGs include information and procedures on the following topics:

  • Board policy development
  • Filling a vacancy on the board
  • Board member expense reimbursement
  • Duties of board officers
  • Abstentions from voting
  • Board committees
  • Solicitor services
  • and more!

The draft BOGs are used as a foundation or framework by the board, board secretary and superintendent who tailor the documents to meet their specific local needs. Locally revised BOGs are returned to PSBA where staff will make the requested revisions and provide ammended BOGs for further board consideration and approval.

* The cost of the Board Operations Guidelines will be deducted from the total cost of the complete Administrative Regulations Model Manual Service for those school entities that later approve the full Administrative Regulations Model Manual Service.

Contact for a quote: Please forward inquiries to Policy Programs.