The Member Services Managers in PSBA’s Member Services work to provide outstanding field service to our members across the commonwealth. The managers live in the territories they represent; are skilled and knowledgeable in PSBA’s member services; and provide support for school board members and superintendents by assessing needs and connecting them to PSBA programs and services. The team will facilitate training and coordinate meetings to meet your needs. For more information, contact Dr. Britta Barrickman, chief member services officer, (800) 932-0588, ext. 3369.

Our focus

  • Support the members of PSBA in attaining excellence in public education and school board governance through leadership, service and advocacy.
  • Enthusiastically promote member participation in all PSBA programs and services and insurance programs.
  • Be the communication channel between the association and the school boards so we may continually improve member services, educational offerings, and the overall member experience with PSBA.
  • Support PSBA in its vision to be the most trusted resource for public education in the Commonwealth.
  • Connect with members facilitate access to programs including Board Self Assessment, Career Gateway, Compensation Studies and Job Description services.

Member Services Managers

  • Karen Devine
    Director of Member Services, Section 8
  • Shane Pagnotti
    Member Services Manager, Section 4
  • James Summerville
    Member Services Manager, Sections 1 & 5
  • Erin Eckerd
    Member Services Manager, Sections 2 & 6
    717-506-2450 ext. 3728
  • Autumn Alleman
    Member Services Manager, Sections 3 & 7
    717-506-2450 x 3316
  • Michelle Kunkel
    Member Services Coordinator
    717-506-2450 x-3365

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