Equity Statement

Equity is the just and fair distribution of resources based upon each individual student’s needs. Equitable resources include funding, programs, policies, initiatives, and supports that target each student’s unique background and school context to guarantee that all students have equal access to a high quality education.

Guidance for equity-focused positions within PA public schools

Guidance for Equity-Focused Positions within Pennsylvania Public Schools

This guidance has been developed as a resource for district leaders to support the work of equity-focused positions in the educational system and has been developed with the feedback and support of current equity-focused personnel throughout Pennsylvania. View the full document under the equity resources tab on myPSBA.org.

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Equity Communication Guidance

During this historic time in our nation, Pennsylvania school board directors and district leaders have looked to engage their communities in more meaningful conversations around critical issues of equity, antiracism, civil rights and social justice. To assist, the Pennsylvania School Boards Association is providing guidance on communicating about equity and related issues in school communities. This guidance supplements PSBA’s ongoing commitment to provide equity training, tools and support for our member school districts in offering equitable learning environments and opportunities for all students.

COVID-19's impact

Imagine a stone falling into a still pond and the ripples that form on the pond’s surface lasting long after it hits. That stone is the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s been dropped into the center of community and student populations that comprise our most vulnerable. The shutdown of schools and disconnect from what is, in some instances, a sustaining connection to necessary supports, has been a massive disruptor in the lives of those who can least absorb the impact. Add to it business closures and unemployment and a tenuous situation becomes dire. Read more about the inequities caused by COVID-19 on Pennsylvania communities and education by clicking here.

Antiracism Board Resolution

School boards are asked to adopt this resolution supporting the development of an anti-racist climate. The resolution is a template and may be revised based on local context to reflect the needs and commitments of your board and to include action steps taken to support this goal. Once adopted, share your resolution with your local community and submit a copy to PSBA.

Click here to download the resolution.

Click here to submit your adopted resolution.

Equity Podcast Series

The Equity podcast series highlights school districts that are currently developing an equity-focused education practice as well as pressing issues concerning the equity space. Find other equity-related podcasts here

Progression Towards Equity, 2019
How does equity become the lens through which all aspects of the educational experience are filtered? And why is this essential for the K-12 education system? Addressing the gaps of opportunity and supports for students goes beyond a checklist and may seem insurmountable.

Brown v. Board of Education: 65 years later, 2019
A landmark 1954 Supreme Court case, now 65 years since—what have been the impacts and progress? The case and surrounding events are considered to be one of the cornerstones of the civil rights movement that helped establish the precedent that separate-but-equal education and other services were not in fact equal.