Providing Energy Savings to School Districts

Energy Solutions is a program that will help districts realize energy savings in these challenging times. The program is strategically designed to help schools reduce energy costs and environmental impact, and to improve energy infrastructure performance – typically at no out-of-pocket expense to the district.

Energy Solutions, a consulting service supported by Gabel Associates, can offer much-needed cost reductions along with environmental benefits, and can drive savings for your district.

Energy Solutions will apply expertise to reduce costs to your district through advanced energy solutions, such as solar, and energy efficiency. School districts can rely on Energy Solutions to take on a project facilitator role to ensure that projects are completed successfully and efficiently. Our experts in energy economics, energy project procurement and development, and client representation will serve as your district’s watchdog, advocating on your behalf to maximize savings.

As the district’s consultant, Energy Solutions evaluates and implements the most effective energy projects for the district, including the execution of sound financial structures and contractual arrangements that mitigate risk. Districts realize savings from Day 1 of project operations.

Energy Solutions offers the following menu of consulting services and can develop a customized approach for each district:

  • Renewable Energy Projects, including feasibility studies, procurement processes, assistance with contracting, and economic evaluations for solar, wind and other renewable energy projects to be located on-site at district properties or at off-site locations
  • Energy Efficiency Projects and Programs, including assistance and guidance with energy benchmarking, strategies to implement projects, identification of potential funding sources, procurement and technical assistance with respect to energy audits, energy performance contracts and other building upgrades
  • Resiliency/Energy Storage, including project procurement for energy storage resources or other resiliency measures that can provide districts with greater reliability in the event of a power outage
  • Electric Vehicle Planning, including developing strategies and procurement with respect to charging infrastructure, school bus fleets and electric vehicle purchases
  • Other Energy Services, including carbon footprint tracking, sustainability planning, or other energy management services

Energy Solutions can also connect energy projects with tailored education curricula, which can serve as a learning tool. Energy projects can transform the school building itself into an educational asset.

Please contact our team of energy experts at to learn more about the program and get started with your free energy assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Energy Solutions?
A: Energy Solutions is a PSBA program that provides school districts with customized expert consulting services to reduce costs through the development of advanced energy projects. Energy Solutions helps schools navigate the financial, technical, commercial and procurement complexities related to the implementation of a wide range of energy initiatives, such as energy efficiency, solar energy, electric vehicles, and other sustainability and resiliency projects.

Q: What are the benefits of using Energy Solutions?
A: Energy Solutions will provide a school-friendly, one-stop approach that lets districts realize reduced energy costs, enhanced environmental quality, carbon reductions, cost stability and student learning opportunities.

Energy cost savings are particularly important given the uncertainty surrounding COVID and its impact on school budgets. These savings can help alleviate budgetary pressures so districts can focus financial resources on more pressing school matters.

Q: What is the role of the Energy Solutions’ energy consultants?
A: Energy Solutions consultants serve as expert allies through all stages of the development and implementation process of your energy projects. They act as an advocate to ensure that your interests are protected, and your savings are maximized. Recognizing that energy needs are not a “one size fits all,” Energy Solutions is a fully customized and tailored approach for each participating district.

Specifically, Gabel Associates, a highly respected energy consulting firm with extensive experience with schools, provides consulting services to support the Energy Solutions program. The firm has provided specialized energy advice to clients for over 27 years and has saved millions of dollars for hundreds of school districts. The firm has a proven track record of successfully assisting schools with innovative energy initiatives.

Q: What is the cost for these services?
A: Energy Solutions offers a free preliminary energy assessment in which we will evaluate each district’s unique energy profile to determine viable opportunities to reduce energy costs. This will help to shape a strategic energy pathway going forward.

In the event a project moves forward, the fees for the consulting services can vary depending on the specific projects involved. However, most fees can be captured as part of the energy project so there are typically no out-of-pocket expenses for the district.

Q: Can I connect Energy Solutions projects to my district’s curriculum?
A: Yes. Using the school building as a learning lab, Energy Solutions projects can frequently be incorporated into school curriculum as an innovative teaching and learning resource for students of all ages.

Q: I am interested in receiving consulting services through Energy Solutions. Who should I contact?
A: For more information on the Energy Solutions program, please email at

Contact us now to schedule a free, initial consultation with the Energy Solutions team to discuss the viable options to reduce energy costs at your district.

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