(Formerly known as Forecast5) 

Working toward a connected future for school administration that enables every leader, teacher and student to thrive.

Today, more than ever, school districts and their boards are faced with making crucial decisions in a rapidly evolving environment. 

Nearly 400 districts in Pennsylvania and over 10,000 clients across the country have turned to Frontline Education to help them manage student and special programs, business operations, and human capital management with powerful data and analytics to empower educators. Frontline helps districts ensure they have the data-based insights they need to make more informed decisions for the benefit of their students and communities, enabling districts to: 

  • Efficiently, intuitively build annual budgets, model multiyear scenarios and future impacts to ensure budgets stay on track and increase transparency. 
  • Consolidate disparate student datasets to measure academic performance, assess equity and improve student achievement outcomes, regardless of the learning environment. 
  • Capitalize on geovisual data to evaluate boundaries, determine optimal service locations and narrow the “digital divide.” 
  • Access pre-built, statewide peer comparative data to assess trends and benchmark district performance. 

We are committed to enabling district leaders to effectively manage their resources, achieve positive education outcomes and improve academic ROI in today’s challenging environment. Our clear, easily understandable dashboards and reports provide data-based intelligence that ensures school board directors have the information they need to effectively guide their districts. 

Frontline’s broad portfolio also includes solutions for proactive recruiting and hiring, absence and time management, professional growth, student information systems, special education, special programs, Medicaid reimbursement, school health management, asset management and inventory control, payroll, benefits, and financial management, enabling school leaders to spend more time and resources executing strategies that drive educator effectiveness, student success and district excellence. 

For more information, please contact Jeff Carew at jcarew@frontlineed.com.