PSBA only endorses programs that are trusted to bring quality products and services to Pennsylvania's public schools. BoardDocs, EasyProcure, Grants Support and Keystone Purchasing Network (KPN) offer valuable services to alleviate the process of finding and vetting companies to serve your needs. BoardDocs is a comprehensive eGovernance tool for paperless board meeting management developed by board members for board members. EasyProcure offers procurement cards to districts as a way to educe administrative costs incurred from small dollar purchases. Additional funding can be vital in public education, and the PSBA Grants Support program provides a searchable grant database to make securing additional funding more simple. When you district needs to engage in a contract for supplies, furniture, athletic fields, modular classrooms, HVAC, electrical or plumbing, among other services, KPN offers valuable pre-bid contracts that will save time and money on procurement. Read more information on each page to learn more about the programs and how these services may be valuable to your district.