The Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Eidex LLC that will enable PSBA to provide free use of Eidex Focus, a data analytics tool designed for education, to all PSBA member school districts and Career and Technical Centers (CTCs).

For the next two years, PSBA will provide each member school district and CTC a complimentary initial user license to Eidex Focus. This is a cost savings worth thousands of dollars for each and every school district.

“The PSBA Governing Board believes every school district should be able to garner the power of data. By offering this data platform to all districts, PSBA members will be able to benchmark their data against other districts locally and statewide while developing better financial models – and more,” said Kathy K. Swope, PSBA 2016 president. “This is a significant step forward for education in Pennsylvania – it allows all public schools to adopt a single platform for data analysis.”

“In many cases, individual school districts haven’t had access to timely, relevant data … until now,” said PSBA Executive Director Nathan Mains. “We hope members take advantage of this effective tool, use it to its full capability and adopt usage early on to enjoy the full two years of access.”

About Eidex
Eidex Focus is the first tool to bring true business analytics to K-12 administrators. With Eidex Focus, administrators can evaluate and analyze data, compare with peers, discover trends, set realistic goals, and gain insight into their districts. Then, backed by Eidex support and consulting staff, they turn that insight into action.
For more information, contact Ashley Lenker White, senior director of partnerships and innovation, (717) 506-2450, x-3316.