This series of webinars is designed to help you address needs in your school entity. Watch the latest webinar below:

Trauma-Informed Approaches: Crafting an Education Practice that Supports Students with Trauma 

About half of Pennsylvania’s children have had a traumatic experience. Trauma negatively impacts students' academic achievement and sense of belonging in school, and may lead to behavioral problems in and outside of the classroom. This webinar highlights the importance and the implementation of trauma-informed approaches in schools and communities.

Hosted by Heather Bennett J.D., Ph.D., PSBA director of school equity services
Joined by:

  • Rick Amato, principal, Broughal Middle School, Bethlehem Area SD
  • Alexandra (Lexi) Miller, LCSW, director of Outpatient and Drug & Alcohol departments, Community Guidance Center
  • Tarah Stewart, Student Assistant Program (SAP) liaison,  outpatient intern, Community Guidance Center


Recent Webinars

Our webcast series is designed to provide opportunities for district leadership to receive valuable information from expert presenters. The webinar titles below are available for replay via YouTube.

Embracing and Incorporating Student Voice in your District Practice
Students are stakeholders and partners in their school communities and must have the opportunity to be heard and participate fully as leaders in the education process. This webinar seeks to discuss the power of students to dismantle inequity and discuss tactics to help incorporate student voice in district practice.

Digital Equity — Preparing Students for a Digital Future
This webinar focuses on the issues surrounding digital inequity in Pennsylvania as well as solutions that provide access to digital connectivity, resources and training to prepare all students for a digital future.

Immigration and Education
The immigration debate has played a leading role in classrooms across the nation. This webinar discusses education resources and supports in supporting immigrant children and their families in Pennsylvania.

Cultural Competency in Education
Learn more about how to incorporate tactics to make education practices culturally responsive to students and their families in this complimentary, hour-long webinar.