PSBA Equity Services offers trainings, live events, podcasts, and webinars to help school leaders pursue equity in their education practice.

Equity education & events include:

Equity training opportunities include:


Introduction to Equity
What is equity and why is it important for district practice? In this presentation explore these questions and related topics, including achievement and opportunity gaps, equity principles, and the equity-focused services and programs PSBA offers.

Introduction to the Equity Toolkit
Learn how to use PSBA’s equity toolkit – a set of frameworks that help districts practice equity and incorporate it in their education practice. The toolkit includes the equity lens approach, equity systems continuum and equity action plan.

Customized Workshops:

Equity and Inclusion: Embracing Equity in Pennsylvania School Districts (Part 1)
This workshop sets the foundation for understanding and incorporating equity in district practice by focusing on the following questions: What is equity? And Why is equity important? This workshop also will provide common language regarding equity in national, state and local school practices. This is the first workshop in the equity and inclusion training series.

Education and Inclusion: Understanding and Dismantling Barriers to Equity (Part 2)
This workshop explores how education stakeholders see and treat students and how such treatment can inhibit or advance students’ opportunities to learn. The successful incorporation of equity-focused policies and practices requires a deeper understanding and discussion on the internal perceptions and benefits of school leaders regarding students and their families. The internal work of school leaders requires an in-depth examination of the following topics: privilege, intersectionality, bias, inclusion, cultural proficiency and culturally responsive leadership. This is the second workshop in the equity and inclusion training series.

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