PSBA urgent and crisis communications services provided to all members at no additional cost—when you need it most!

The start of the 2021-2022 academic year has introduced challenges and divisiveness in communities across the commonwealth. Clear, authoritative and reassuring communication to parents, your community and potentially the media, is more important than ever. If your district needs help, it's here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Communications consulting, writing services and a clear plan forward out of a sensitive situation – this is what you can expect from PSBA Crisis Communications Services supported by the Donovan Group.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What qualifies as a crisis communications scenario with respect to the services provided?

A: Applicable scenarios may include a PR crisis, such as a damaging headline or story running in the media or a dramatic topic that is likely to hit the headlines. Other scenarios may include an actual crisis situation in one of the schools where communication to parents and the community is required. A crisis is subjective, and the circumstances will range from potentially negative to moderately serious to critical in nature. Don’t hesitate to contact the hotline to determine if your situation warrants these services.

Q: Who can utilize this service?

A: Any PSBA member school district has access to PSBA’s Crisis Communications support.

Q: Is there someone specific at the member school district who should contact the hotline?

A: Yes. The superintendent, school board president and/or vice president should be considered the primary points-of-contact in reaching out to the PSBA Crisis Communications support service. This is to ensure efficiency, and the ability to act and react quickly. It will also ensure a unified and cohesive approach to problem-solving with the superintendent, board president and vice president acting as the conduit to the full school board.

Q: How do I contact the hotline to ask for expert guidance and support?

A: When you have a potential need or situation that arises in your school district, contact the designated hotline and you’ll be connected to an experienced communications and PR professional.



Q: What types of services will be provided?

A: PR strategy discussions and guidance over the phone—as many exchanges as it takes to bring about a solution.

A: Writing services including drafting of (as examples) press releases, talking points to address the media and school community, social media posts, parent letters/email messages, and other written content, as needed, in working toward resolution.

Q: Will I be charged for these services?

A: No. These services are a benefit of your PSBA membership.

If you have questions about the service being provided, please contact Megan Strausbaugh at

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