PSBA’s Principles for Governance and Leadership encourage school directors to Evaluate Continuously by utilizing appropriate data to make informed decisions, using effective practices for the evaluation of the superintendent, assessing student growth and achievement, and reviewing the effectiveness of the district’s comprehensive plan. In addition to these actions, to Evaluate Continuously, school boards are encouraged to assess their own collective performance as the district’s governance team every two years, if not annually.

A school board is responsible for holding the superintendent accountable for the day-to-day operations of the district; for making progress toward the strategic vision set forth by the board; and for the district’s overall performance. The board, in turn, is accountable to the stakeholders of the district for the proper governance and oversight of the school system. As the public school system has an array of stakeholders – students, staff, parents, community members, business owners – there is not a singular next level of accountability for school boards. As a result, it becomes incumbent upon the board to hold itself accountable for its own performance.

Centered around PSBA’s Principles for Governance and Leadership, the board self-assessment (BSA) survey provides each member of your board, including the superintendent, an opportunity to openly and honestly evaluate the collective performance of your school board. After completing the digital survey, you will receive a BSA Survey Report highlighting the identified areas of strength and areas for growth as well as a Board Learning Plan highlighting the professional development opportunities available to your team for improvement. This service is complimentary for all PSBA member districts on an annual basis.

Additionally, you may also request that your PSBA Member Services Manager meet with your board either in-person or virtually to facilitate a BSA Discussion of Results. This time will be spent reviewing the BSA Survey Report as a team and discussing what the results reflect about the current state of your school board. It concludes with a review of the Board Learning Plan and a discussion around the services and resources available to assist your board moving forward.

If you are interested in learning more about PSBA’s board self-assessment or would like to submit a request to begin the process, please fill out the form below and PSBA's director of board services will contact you shortly.

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