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Identifying the issues, influencing legislation and shaping the debate on key education issues

Not many school districts have the budget to afford a full-time research staff, but as a member of PSBA, you essentially have one.

On top of the numerous online reports, surveys and data, PSBA Research Services maintains subject files on more than 130 topics of interest to public education such as class size, strategic planning, special education, early childhood instruction, homework, tax collection and transportation. Subject files are resource materials organized to provide quick access to a specific topic or issue. Information from these files can be sent to you immediately upon your request.

To request subject files information and for all of your research needs, contact PSBA Research Services at (717) 506-2450 or (800) 932-0588, or e-mail

Local Board Procedures

Authority and powers
Effective school governance
    -  Professional Development and In-Service
       Training for Pennsylvania School Board
     - Looking for Link Between Board Actions
      and Student Success
   - Tips for New School Board Members (poll)


Adult school
Affirmative action program: school-classroom practices
Alternative education
     - Assessment, Testing and the PSSA:
      Research and policy implications
     - Motivational Strategies for Testing (poll)
     - Understanding Test Scores
Class size
     - Research findings
     - Issue brief

Co-curricular activities
Curriculum development
Early childhood instruction
Educational goals
Evaluation of educational program
Field trips
Guidance counseling
Home schooling
In-home instruction
Interscholastic Athletics
Limited English proficiency
Mission statements
Philosophy of education
Programs for gifted pupils
Projects and service
Special education
Strategic planning
Student representative to school board
Vocational education


Admission of beginners
Charter Schools
   - Charter School White Paper, 2009
   - Chart: Charter school membership
    in state associations (March 2010)
   - Funding Charter Schools
    (presented at Legislative Advocacy
     Conference, April 2010)

   - NSBA charter school study (2010)
Controlled substances
Dress and grooming
     - Student Uniform/Dress Codes (poll)
Drop-out prevention
Eligibility of nonresident students
Fund raising
Graduation requirements
     - Bullying Prevention (poll)
Health examinations
Promotion and retention
Relations with law enforcement agencies
Reporting student progress
     - High School Grading Scales (poll)
Student discipline
     - Academic Integrity (poll)
Student expression
Student records
Student rights
     - Student Cell Phone Use (poll)
Suspension and expulsion
Tobacco use
Use of medications


Classroom Accoustics
   - Student perfomance
Emergency plans
Facilities planning
Gifts, grants, donations
Integrated pest management
School safety
Use of school facilities


Abolishing a position
Assignment and transfer
Benefits of employment
Dress and grooming
     - Teacher Dress Guidelines (poll)
Employee assistance
Jury duty
Legal assistance
Management team
   - PSBA Pension Study Committee Report
Professional growth guidelines
Responsibility of staff for student welfare
Retirement incentive
Salary determination
School nurse functions
  - Pupil staffing ratios 2011-12, 2010-11, 2009-10
Staff recognition
Student teachers
Suspensions and furloughs
Teacher testing
Tobacco use
Unlawful harassment
Wage and salary
Workers' compensation insurance


Bank accounts
Budget planning
     - Budget FAQs
Cooperative purchasing
Charter School White Paper, October 2010
Charter schools, Funding
    (presented at Legislative Advocacy
     Conference, April 2010)

Cyber schools
     - Cost to operate, white paper (2001)
     - Sample accounting dictionary
Fund Balance FAQs
Participation Fees (Pay to Play)
Purchases subject to bid
Special purpose funds
Tax collection
Tax levy
   - Rising Costs, Falling Funding (PSBA Bulletin)
   - Why property taxes increase
Tax reform
    Act 1 Estimate Worksheets
Single-county SD  excel file Excel
    -  Multiple-county SD excel file Excel
Tuition income


Acceptable use of Internet
Block scheduling
Child abuse
Emergency evacuation of schools
Food services
     - Cafeteria & School Initiatives for Promoting
        Wellness (poll)
    - White paper on School
    - Mergers/consolidations of school districts
Opening exercises
Public records
School calendar
    - Four-Day School Week
     - Four-Day School Week (poll)
School day
School organization


Citizens advisory committees
Community relations
Municipal government relations
News media relations
Public participation in board meetings
Public relations
Relations with education institutions
Relations with parents/guardians
Relations with special interest groups
School visitors
    - Volunteer Opportunities (poll)