Pennsylvania public schools have risen to the challenge to provide education to the commonwealth’s students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools have become creative and innovative and used whatever resources they could muster to deal with the local diverse challenges they face. PSBA recognizes that in these difficult and challenging times schools need Harrisburg policymakers to help reduce costs and remove the barriers that hamper local innovation.

PSBA has created a campaign consisting of legislative proposals addressing cost savings, planning and budget issues. This initiative was developed through member recommendations and is designed to relieve school districts from the effects of state-imposed unfunded and underfunded mandates as well as provide the flexibility needed to weather the challenges of our current crisis.

The Campaign to Support Public Schools seeks changes to allow public schools to realize immediate savings and strategic flexibility in these areas:

  1. Enact broad mandate relief beyond the waiver provision in Act 13
  2. Create budgeting flexibility for school boards
  3. Reform charter school funding
  4. Address the digital divide
  5. Expand the use of flexible instruction days
  6. Extend the effective date for new graduation requirements
  7. Reduce advertising costs
  8. Remove requirements regarding fees for delinquent tax collection
  9. Provide cash flow assistance
  10. Update transportation requirements
  11. Create flexibility regarding the need for economic furloughs

The Campaign to Support Public Schools: Read the detailed description of the proposals in PSBA’s campaign

Adopt the resolution
PSBA is calling on Harrisburg policymakers to help reduce costs and remove the barriers that hamper local innovation. School boards are asked to adopt this resolution urging the General Assembly to provide critical support and mandate relief benefitting public schools and students.

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