PSBA Legislative Priority Issue: Enact Meaningful Charter School Reforms

PSBA believes that the state must enact comprehensive reforms to address areas of charter school operations, accountability and funding.

The average Pennsylvania school district spends millions of dollars in taxpayer money annually in mandatory payments to brick-and-mortar and cyber charter schools. The current charter school funding formula was established in 1997 under the state's Charter School Law and has not been changed in the 24 years since it was first created. The formulas for regular and special education programs are unfair because they based on a school district’s expenditures and not what it actually costs to educate a child in the charter school.

Because the tuition rate calculations are based on the school district’s expenses, they create wide discrepancies in the amount of tuition paid by different districts for the same charter school education and result in drastic overpayments to charter schools. These payments require districts to send more money to charter schools than is needed to operate their programs and place a significant financial burden on districts’ resources and taxpayers. Overpayments are being made and this is particularly true for cyber charters.

We need a new system that is tied to the actual costs to educate a child enrolled in a charter school.

Tell your legislators we need charter funding reform
Charter funding reform will create savings that will stay within the district, benefitting all their students while controlling costs. Districts will be able to reinvest their funds to their students and their classrooms. Join PSBA’s efforts to change the existing flawed charter school funding formulas for regular and special education.

Calling all school boards to adopt the resolution!  Please print out the resolution and adopt it at your next board meeting. Once it is adopted and signed, please send a copy to your legislators and upload a copy to PSBA using the form below. We will add your district to the list of boards that have adopted the resolution.

2021 Resolution calling for charter school funding reform (PDF)

2021 Resolution calling for charter school funding reform (WORD)

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