School boards should focus on the section of the PSBA Platform containing the Core Legislative Principles and Supporting Concepts.  The four Core Legislative Principles provide the broad policy framework for the platform, and the Supporting Concepts provide more detail on PSBA’s position on specific legislative issues that are related to each of the Core Legislative Principles.

What should my board know about submitting an item?

  • Review the current platform to see if the topic of your proposal already is included. Click here to read PSBA’s 2019 Legislative Platform. Boards may voice support for the continuation of current platform statements, create new proposals, amend existing platform language, or suggest the deletion of a current statement.
  • New proposals and amendments should be written in the same style as the current 2019 platform. PSBA’s Government Affairs staff is available to help you with any questions you may have.
  • Include a brief statement of rationale (about 50 words) that explains why your board believes the item should be included in the platform. What specific problems has your district encountered, and how would your proposal resolve this issue? The rationale will be presented to the Platform Committee as it considers your board’s proposal.

How does my board submit an item?

  • All proposals must be approved by the board and verified by the board secretary. (In other words, an individual board member may not submit an item on his or her own behalf.) If your proposal is a revision to an existing platform item, please indicate the category and number of the statement that is being amended.
  • Proposals and accompanying rationale can be submitted to PSBA three ways:
  1. Use the online submission form (scroll down below) and the proposal will automatically be submitted
  2. Use this Platform Proposal Form (word.doc)
  3. Submit the proposals on school district stationery. Hard copies can be mailed to Cindy Eckerd, PSBA Office of Government Affairs, 400 Bent Creek Blvd., Mechanicsburg, PA 17050 or emailed to

What happens after our proposal is submitted?

    • PSBA’s Government Affairs staff will notify you when your proposal is received and will include it in the materials prepared for the Platform Committee meeting. The staff may need to make editorial revisions to any item received so that the proposals are consistent with the format of the platform. Should any such changes be necessary, we will inform you and request approval before formal consideration of the item takes place.
    • All proposals will be reviewed by the PSBA Platform Committee on Saturday, July 27 and receive final consideration by the PSBA Delegate Assembly on Friday, October 18, following the School Leadership Conference at the Hershey Lodge & Convention Center.
    • A representative of your board may address the Platform Committee to speak in support of the proposal during the public comment portion of the meeting. This year the Platform Committee will meet on Saturday, July 27 at 10:00 am. at PSBA headquarters. If you wish to exercise this option, you must contact the Government Affairs staff prior to the meeting. The public comment period is held near the beginning of the meeting.
  • Following the meeting, PSBA will notify you of the Platform Committee’s action and whether your proposal was accepted, amended by the panel, or not recommended for inclusion in the platform. Any board whose item is not recommended for inclusion may bring the proposal up for reconsideration by the Delegate Assembly.

Questions regarding the platform adoption process should be directed to Cindy Eckerd, PSBA legislative communications manager, at (800) 932-0588, extension 3319, or e-mail at

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