For more than 20 years, the Pennsylvania School Boards Association has been the industry leader in providing compensation services to school districts and intermediate units throughout Pennsylvania. As the industry leader, PSBA offers a number of job description and compensation related services to meet your compensation needs.

Job Descriptions

  • Job Description System created specifically to support public schools in Pennsylvania in the drafting of job descriptions to include easy to follow forms that have been pre-populated and are easy to edit.
  • All samples have been legally reviewed for employment law compliance, school code requirements and alignment with the Certification and Staffing Policy Guidelines.
  • Compliant language used across similar positions within the district promoting consistency in language.
  • Paperless drafting and review process providing the benefit of a streamlined approach.

Compensation Studies

  • PSBA conducts a complete analysis of the internal equity and external competitiveness of the school district's current administrative or support staff compensation practices.
  • PSBA analyses job descriptions and the current compensation structure.
  • PSBA analyses the competitive external market.
  • PSBA completes a statistical analysis of the market to determine competitiveness

Internal Equity Analysis, Compensation Review and Market Assessment

  • PSBA consultants will analyze new position job descriptions, positions that have progressed over time, or the restructuring of positions to ensure the appropriate family placement.
  • PSBA will provide an internal equity analysis to ensure that positions continue to be placed in appropriate job families and that pay ranges equitably reflect the responsibility of a position.
  • PSBA completes a statistical analysis of the market to determine competitiveness

Compensation Updates

  • PSBA revises and adjusts existing studies previously performed by PSBA to reflect a current, time adjusted market.
  • PSBA provides accurate financial information, which will be compared to current district pay rates to determine whether the district remains competitive within its market.

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