Upper Darby School District

Ed Brown has served on the Upper Darby School Board since 2017. From Vice-President in his first two years, he is now the President of the board. He is very active in his local community and currently acts as the Business Manager for a local non-profit organization he helped start. This organization provides free technology courses to the community, and back to school items for children.

In response to the nomination form question, “Why I wish to serve in this position and what I hope to accomplish?” 

“I wish to serve in this position since I think that it gives me another opportunity to serve students and families albeit in a different way. Ultimately, I see this leadership role as another way to provide the best possible education to children advocating and attempting to meet their needs big and small. This role also would allow me to communicate, collaborate, and learn from my colleagues in other Districts and benefit from the many different perspectives and viewpoints all trying to accomplish the same goals.

If I am selected to serve in this capacity, I hope to retain the standard of excellence that my predecessor brought to the role in terms of communication and service. I believe that the role has specific expectations so my plan would be to honor the integrity of the role but also use my creativity and add a few new ideas to make it even better by enhancing it. Based on my observation, PSBA representatives at all levels represent caring, passionate advocates who singular focus is on providing quality, fair, and equitable educational opportunities for students. I would be honored to join those ranks as the East Zone Representative.”