PSBA offers members ongoing digital learning opportunities on relevant topics affecting Pennsylvania school entities.

Webcasts are studio-quality, live-streamed events, often held as lunch-and-learn presentations. They are geared to reach a large audience with timely learning. PSBA gathers experts and practitioners to present content and answer questions during a live Q&A session.

Webinars are designed for a smaller audience to encourage more participant/presenter interaction through video, audio and an interactive chat box. Attendees network with and learn from each other as well as the invited presenter(s). Webinars are offered throughout the year, usually to meet the training and collaboration needs of specific roles. Both webcasts and webinars are recorded and offered for all membership, accessible through myPSBA for up to three months after the live event.

Cost: Complimentary for All-Access (Complimentary All-Access applies to the following positions: school directors, superintendents, business managers and board secretaries).

  • All-Access, Live Access (other positions from All-Access districts): $50.00
  • Member, Live Access: $59.00
  • Non-Member, Live Access: $79.00

The myPSBA member portal is your resource for event registrations, online learning and connecting with members statewide. Browse and view online learning courses and recorded webinars, and register for signature and featured events. Keep track of your course enrollment and your progress toward badges and certificates. Need to complete required training? Log onto myPSBA to see requirements specific to your role and to take courses.

Upcoming Webcasts & Webinars

Date: August 17 - September 14, 2020 | Time: 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the spotlight on education technology in schools across the nation. From online learning programs to data modeling, tech tools are an increasingly large part of the new landscape of learning. In Keynote Webinar Series II, experts in technology, data and innovation will share knowledge on using technology wisely and responsibly to enhance student learning and achievement.

Recorded Webcasts

To access the following online resources, please visit

From student health to legal concerns, school leaders have many considerations as they determine how to safely reopen schools during the pandemic. In this webinar series, expert panelists will discuss five areas of consideration, highlighted in the guidance provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Back to School Task Force: student health, transportation, collective bargaining, special education needs and coronavirus-related liability. Learn best practices for educating students and providing for the needs of school staff in the new landscape.

This webinar series invites PA district leaders to discuss the context of national protest related to the deaths of George Floyd as well as other unarmed black men and women who have died. It will explore the intersection of racism, protest and public schools with a panel of Pennsylvania public school leaders.

Presenters: Vincent Champion, Esq. of Champion Law, LLC and Heather Masshardt, Director of Policy Services, PSBA

In accordance with School Code, the School Safety and Security Coordinator is required to provide an annual report to the school board, in executive session, on the school entity’s current safety and security practices, and identify strategies to improve school safety and security.

This webcast will provide a reminder on the legal requirements of the report and tips for presenting, and will also address recent changes in law and hot topics that we recommend including in this year’s report, such as:

  • Pandemic planning in Emergency Preparedness Plan – response to COVID-19 and what we’ve learned for the future
  • School security personnel – recent legal revisions and impact to school entities
  • Trauma-informed approach – required training and development of plans
  • Safe2Say Something – program changes this year and impact on school entities
  • Threat assessment – new legal requirements and how we prepare to implement

Learn from the experiences of board leaders from across the state. In this hour-long webcast, a panel of board presidents will share their perspectives on specific challenges facing boards. Hear strategies and best practices for strong leadership and effective governance, and download a handout for continued reference.

Violence prevention is a key part of school safety. In this webinar, learn more about proactive measures your entity can take related to safety and security. Presenter Dr. Marisa R. Randazzo is a managing partner of SIGMA Threat Management Associates and an international expert on threat assessment, targeted violence and violence prevention. Hear best practices on assessing and managing threatening situations for the benefit of your students, staff and community. This webinar was sponsored by PSBA, the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators, the Pennsylvania Principals Association and the Pennsylvania State Education Association and is complimentary for members of these associations. The program has been underwritten by CM Regent Insurance Company.

Take an in-depth look at this year’s state budget, changes to the School Code and policy changes in this webcast recording for members, presented by PSBA’s Chief Advocacy Officer John Callahan. Note: If viewed after the December 2019 reorganization meeting, this course will also count toward the required two hours of advanced school director training for all re-elected school directors.

Removing barriers to equity opens doors for students to succeed. In this one-hour live webcast, learn how to move from conversation around equity to implementation of initiatives that impact students and communities. Compare the different equity needs in rural/suburban/urban districts and discuss the importance of administrative support for programming.

What can you do to keep your board meetings from getting ugly and out of control? How can you avoid letting disrupters turn public meetings into shouting matches that go viral on YouTube? How can boards and board leaders work together to insist on civility and respectful discourse, and keep the bullies and other trolls from taking over? Learn how boards can set and enforce proper tone and effective use of meeting time through empowered leadership and mutual accountability. Find out about the legal options that are available when all else fails. Stop the monthly rodeos and take back your meetings!

The use of cigarette alternatives has exploded among PA teens. Through juuling, vaping and e-cigarettes, teen use of tobacco, nicotine and other substances is rapidly rising. Districts are left with policies that do not address new technologies. In this webcast, a PSBA policy expert will provide an overview of these devices and the subsequent policy responses. Superintendent Michael Snell, human resources director Bobbi Billman and school director Veronica Gemma from Central York SD will share how their district addressed the problem through updating its policy as well as community outreach to parents.

For a complete overview of training and educational opportunities for the year from PSBA, check out the Year of Learning catalog.