The Essentials of Parliamentary Procedure, 2021

Whether you are the chairperson or another voting member, your association, the Pennsylvania School Boards Association, wants you to be able to fulfill your role in board meetings confidently and effectively. PSBA has produced The Essentials of Parliamentary Procedure – A Survival Guide for Pennsylvania School Boards to help you do that, providing you with what is both a crash course and a handy reference you are likely to consult over and over again.

The Essentials of School Board Service, 2021

This publication provides new school directors with some of the basics of school board service. It answers questions that new directors commonly ask when they begin as a school leader. It is written in a question-and-answer format for quick reading, includes a glossary of common education terms and list frequently used acronyms that new directors will find helpful.


Essentials of School Board Secretary Service Cover The Essentials of School Board Secretary Service, 2021 

It is more important than ever, in our rather litigious society, that the secretary maintains complete and accurate records, and assists the school board in conducting its business legally and efficiently. The goal of this guide is to provide a handy resource to assist school board secretaries in navigating their significant and multifaceted role within the school district.


Essentials of School Board Leadership cover

The Essentials of School Board Leadership, 2020

PSBA has been assisting school board presidents for over 125 years, so we have the experience to help you be a highly effective leader. We want to support your service to the board, your district, your community, and ultimately, the students who are the most important part of our collective work. The goal of this guide is to provide you with a strong foundation to build understanding, skills and leadership abilities.


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