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The Pennsylvania Department of Education has named PSBA an approved provider of required school director training. Your association has more than 100 years of statewide expertise in school law, policy, finance and ethical governance, so you can be sure you’re receiving the highest quality learning, relevant to your role. To learn when you or your board will be required to complete training hours, please refer to PDE’s FAQs here

Act 55 and Act 18
Training requirements specific to you:

•   Newly elected and appointed school board directors –
•   Successful completion of 5 training hours.
•   Re-elected school board directors –
•   Successful completion of 3 training hours.

PSBA knows that everyone has unique scheduling requirements and distinct learning styles. Therefore, we have created two pathways in meeting state requirements:

In-person learning

  • During the New School Director Training program offered at 13 locations around the state, there will be 5 hours of live training for newly elected directors that runs concurrently to a 3-hour program for re-seated school directors. This is an interactive event structured to provide both new and veteran directors with the require training in a collaborative format.
  • Nominal fee will cover provided meal and operational expenses.
  • Click here to view a list of locations and registration information.

Online learning

  • Accessible 24/7, a series of 10 to 30-minutes topic-specific courses with takeaways.
  • No charge to members.
  • To access our 43 online courses including those identified as required, members should log into myPSBA.

The training covers the following topics:

  • Academic Testing and Requirements
  • Special Education
  • Overview of Public School Labor Relations
  • Evaluating Your Superintendent
  • Act 93
  • Board’s Role in Finance and Budgeting
  • Local Taxation and Act 1
  • Policy and Administrative Regulations
  • Transportation
  • Facilities Planning
  • Introduction to Governance Plans and Documents
  • Legal Landscape of Public Education
  • Sunshine Act and Executive Session
  • Conflicts of Interest and Ethics Act

PSBA will issue a certificate of completion to each participant, stating that school director training requirements have been met.

Log onto myPSBA to access online courses or to register for the in-person option during New School Director Training.

Watch this video for answers to frequently asked questions about required training.

Watch the video below to learn more about PSBA provided tools for new and re-seated directors, as well as information on fulfilling training requirements.

For a printable version of this Required School Director Training information, click here.

To view the full picture of training and educational opportunities for the year from PSBA, check out the Year of Learning catalog.

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