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The Pennsylvania Department of Education has named PSBA an approved provider of required school director training. Your association has more than 100 years of statewide expertise in school law, policy, finance and ethical governance, so you can be sure you’re receiving the highest quality learning, relevant to your role. To learn when you or your board will be required to complete training hours, please refer to PDE’s FAQs here

Act 55 and Act 18
Training requirements specific to you:

•   Newly elected and appointed school board directors –
•   Successful completion of five training hours.
•   Re-elected school board directors –
•   Successful completion of three training hours.

PSBA knows that everyone has unique scheduling requirements and distinct learning styles. Therefore, we have created two pathways in meeting state requirements:

In-person learning

Following school director elections, PSBA runs two live programs to meet the training requirement for both newly elected and re-elected school directors. PSBA has been running New School Director Training for over 50 years with a reputation for preparing newly-elected directors for their important role. This training has been updated and approved to meet the 5-hour state training requirement for new school directors. In 2019, PSBA added a second program to this training for re-elected school directors. This Advanced School Director training is approved for the 3-hour state training requirement for re-elected school directors.

Following the next election, look for PSBA's live training options by visiting

Online learning

Newly Elected or Appointed School Directors

You are the first newly elected school directors in the state of Pennsylvania to have a training requirement. PSBA is ready to help you meet that requirement by offering you 24/7 access to courses that have been approved for this training. By clicking on “My Transcript,” on, you should see the following courses waiting for you — their icons indicate them as required training with the black circle and RQD.

  • Academic Testing and Requirements
  • Special Education
  • Overview of Public School Labor Relations
  • Evaluating Your Superintendent
  • Act 93
  • Board’s Role in Finance and Budgeting
  • Local Taxation and Act 1
  • Policy and Administrative Regulations
  • Transportation
  • Facilities Planning
  • Introduction to Governance Plans and Documents
  • Legal Landscape of Public Education
  • Sunshine Act and Executive Session
  • Conflicts of Interest and Ethics Act
  • Trauma-Informed Courses 1-4

Required Training for school directors re-elected in November 2019

If you were just re-elected and reseated on your board, you are the first re-elected school directors in the state of Pennsylvania to have a training requirement. PSBA is ready to support you in meeting that requirement by offering 24/7 access to courses that have been approved for this training. By clicking on “My Transcript” on, you should see some of the courses available to you for this training. All Advanced School Director Training courses have a white circle and RQD icons to indicate them as required training.

The courses identified for Advanced School Director required training are the following:

  • Trauma-Informed courses (1-4), available now
  • Advanced School Finance (1-2), available January 13, 2020
  • Advanced Policy and Legal Updates (1-3), available January 13, 2020

Access to PSBA Professional Development

Even if you do not have a training requirement, you still have access to all our required training courses as voluntary professional development. You could pursue earning a badge or certificate of board governance. When you are re-elected, new courses will be provided for you to meet your training requirement at that time.


School directors have one year from re-election, seating or appointment to complete the required training. If you completed live training for this requirement, you still have 24/7, complimentary access to online courses identified as RQD for professional development and reference.

If you complete these courses for required training, a certificate will load into your transcript page. You should download and share with your district office staff for their records.

To get started, log into, go to “Store” and choose “Online learning” to access all courses identified for required training. Use the search feature or scan through the options, looking for the white or black “RQD” circles and “RQD” in course titles.

Questions? Contact PSBA Education and Training at

Watch this video for answers to frequently asked questions about required training.

For a printable version of this Required School Director Training information, click here.

To view the full picture of training and educational opportunities for the year from PSBA, check out the Year of Learning catalog.