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Topics include:

    • Academic Requirements and Testing
    • Act 93
    • Basics of State Government
    • Board Agenda and Minutes
    • Board Organization
    • Board Self-Assessment
    • Board’s Role in Finance and Budgeting
    • Collective Bargaining Negotiations
    • Community Engagement
    • Conflicts of Interest and Ethics Act
    • Directors and Officers
    • Effective State and Local Advocacy
    • Evaluating Your Superintendent
    • Facilities Planning
    • Federal Advocacy
    • Immunizations – What School Directors Need to Know
    • Introduction to Board Meetings
    • Introduction to Governance Plans and Documents
    • Introduction to Right-To-Know Law
    • Introduction to School Audits
    • Introduction to Student Conduct and Discipline
    • Legal Landscape of Public Education
    • Legal Liability and Immunity
    • Local Taxation and Act 1 Of 2006
    • Media Relations
    • Overview of Public School Labor Relations
    • PA State School Funding System
    • Policy and Administrative Regulations
    • Procurement Overview
    • Professional Employees
    • School Board Influence on Student Achievement
    • School District Structure and Employee Groups
    • School Employment Law
    • Solicitors and Other Legal Counsel
    • Special Education
    • Student Attendance
    • Sunshine Act – Open Meetings
    • Sunshine Act – Private Meetings
    • Sunshine Act and Executive Session
    • Superintendent
    • The Comprehensive Plan
    • Transportation

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