Get a brief overview of the school board governance loop, the School Code’s main powers and responsibilities, and the importance of the Team of 10. The session will briefly highlight the roles of policy and the difference between governance and management. For a more in-depth and customized program on roles and responsibilities, see Customized Workshops. PSBA recommends 60-75 minutes for this presentation.

Review an outline of the law, timeline and best practices for the annual superintendent evaluation process. Key resources will be provided as takeaways for the board to use in future meetings and discussions. PSBA recommends 45-60 minutes for this presentation.

When asked why they joined their boards, directors often cite making a difference for students and their communities. In the Student-Centered Approach (SCA) presentation, explore the history, future, and potential impacts of supporting an inclusive district culture for students, staff, and communities. PSBA recommends 60 – 75 minutes for this presentation.


Do you have several newly elected or appointed members? Does your board struggle to focus on the major governance tasks within the limited time of your public board meetings? Is there tension between the board and district administration because of miscommunication or misunderstandings? This fast-paced, dynamic workshop covers the many ethical and governance responsibilities of the board. It incorporates facilitated discussions on the challenges of community engagement, board deliberation and governance vs. management responsibilities. PSBA recommends a minimum of two hours for this workshop.

Collective governance is challenging — even more so in an environment where individuals view their role from different lenses. But effective boards must embrace healthy conflict, set common  expectations, and learn how to communicate clearly to govern effectively. How can boards adjust when new members or new leadership seem to change the existing dynamic? This workshop has various modules that can be facilitated based on the professional development needs of your Team of 10. PSBA recommends a minimum of two hours for this workshop.

From Fortune 500 companies to sports teams, effective organizations create a road map to success by setting strategic and ambitious goals. PSBA’s Setting Board Goals workshop aims to help boards build a foundational understanding of goals, identify priorities and challenges, set collective goals for the board and identify the ways they plan to measure their success. PSBA recommends a minimum of three hours for this workshop with a follow-up facilitated discussion.

As elected leaders, the media and community will scrutinize school director’s communication from public comments and conversations overheard by the public to emails and social media posts. This workshop explains best practices for navigating both digital and traditional channels of  communication, offering learning through scenario-based facilitated discussions. PSBA recommends a minimum of 90 minutes for this workshop.

The Principles for Governance and Leadership, under Lead Responsibly, encourage school directors to prepare for, attend and actively participate in board meetings. The focus of this workshop is to help directors put their best foot forward when stepping into the “sunshine” at a public meeting. Common topics covered include agenda development, expectations of director conduct, sunshine act requirements, public comment period, and proper use of parliamentary procedure. A fast-paced, dynamic workshop led by an experienced facilitator, this training offers boards the opportunity to take a step back, reflect and discuss how they publicly present themselves to the school community at board meetings. PSBA recommends a minimum of two hours for this workshop.

This workshop provides an opportunity for district leadership to rethink their past diversity or equity efforts while looking forward to a sustainable future of inclusivity in schools. Based on research, learn how to build a culture that supports a sense of belonging for all students. The Culture of Belonging experience can also be customized to include the following areas:

  • The impact of poverty on students and schools.
  • The impact of trauma on students and schools.
  • Supporting culturally responsive practices across the district.

This workshop features a mix of reflection, small group discussion, and whole-group presentation to deepen our understanding of creating and supporting inclusive spaces, and will move district leadership toward effective and impactful student-centered practices.

PSBA recommends a minimum of two hours for this training.

If your school board is looking to better understand each other and to discover ways of working more effectively together as the district's Team of 10, look no further. Everything DiSC Workplace is a science backed tool designed to improve interpersonal relationships and effectiveness by helping individuals develop self-awareness and learn to adapt to others in real time. Participants will individually complete a digital assessment and then come together to discover their DiSC style, deepen their understanding of self and others, learn how to build better relationships, and access real-time tips for more effective interactions with colleagues. PSBA recommends a minimum of two hours for this training.

Facilitated Team Discussions

A school board's professional development journey can take many shapes. There may be points where your team needs help moving forward collectively and where a presentation or workshop may not be the answer. For these situations, we offer facilitated discussions. When your board is facing difficult or complex conversations, a member of the PSBA professional development team will help guide your Team of 10 in meaningful and productive conversation. Our facilitators will guide boards to create a safe environment for discussion, assist with developing a plan of action, and keep your team on track toward desired goals.



Training partnerships are available for school boards seeking a longer commitment to professional development. Partnerships allow for streamlined resources and ongoing conversations to inform each training with deepening context. For more information, please email


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