PSBA offers customized workshops for member school districts. Our staff coordinates with district and board leadership to identify training needs, match the best workshop to those needs, and customize the workshop facilitation to address the unique board culture and district challenges.

Does your board have a specific scheduling need? Workshops can be delivered in a morning or evening session or can be tailored to a full-day agenda for a board retreat.

The most requested workshops are:

Roles and Responsibilities
(Suggested 3+ hours)
Do you have several newly elected or appointed board members? Does your board struggle to work together and focus on the major governance tasks within the limited time of your public board meetings? This dynamic workshop covers the many ethical and governance responsibilities of the board. It incorporates facilitated discussions on the challenges of board deliberation and community engagement. To customize this workshop, PSBA will set up a planning call to explore the best way to emphasize content and discussion to meet the needs of your school leadership team. Topics include:

  • Overview of school governance
  • Collective board authority
  • Overview of school board responsibilities
  • The “Team of Ten”
  • Responsible advocacy

Board Self-Assessment (BSA)
(Suggested 1 hour)
Do you want to understand your board’s strengths and areas of growth? How can you plan for appropriate board development? The board self-assessment process begins with a simple survey link for completion (10-15 minutes). PSBA staff will compile the results into a presentation and facilitate a discussion among your school leadership team. Boards who regularly self-assess are more likely to understand how to leverage their strengths and address their weaknesses to become a stronger governance body.

Setting Board Goals
(Suggested 3+ hours)
Does your board lack direction in how its leadership directly connects to the district’s mission and goals? Would common goals help your board become more unified and focused with it’s governance time? The Setting Board Goals workshop opens with analyzing the foundational mission, vision, values and goal statements of the school district. The remainder of time is a facilitated work session for a school board to create, refine and finalize 3-5 specific goals statements to guide their governance work. To customize this workshop, PSBA will set up a planning call to explore the best way to use this time to meet the needs of your school board.

PSBA currently has additional workshops under development. If you have a live training need that would not be addressed by these current offerings, please contact Brianna Crowley, education and training manager, 717-506-2450, x-3271.

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