Share your advocacy efforts with legislators and your community by posting on social media. Post your messages to your favorite social media platform using the hashtag #Advocate4PublicEd and tag your legislators. (Reminder: Maximum 280 characters for Twitter.)

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Here are samples to use:

Sample Post 1

School mandate waiver program brings flexibility, accountability, savings. SB 73 & HB 1473 allow school districts to apply for a waiver from certain, but not all, state-imposed mandates in order to benefit students and taxpayers. #Advocate4PublicEd

Sample Post 2

twitter capitol building

With more than 80% of locally elected school boards asking for charter reform, why hasn’t the General Assembly acted? The time for charter reform is NOW! #Advocate4PublicEd

Sample Post 3

PA public school districts spend nearly $2.2 billion in taxpayer money on mandatory tuition payments to charter schools which are often inflated and pay charter schools more than their actual cost of educating a student. Learn more at #Advocate4PublicEd

Sample Post 4

Mandatory charter tuition payments are overwhelmingly the biggest source of budget pressure for school districts. The time for charter reform is NOW! #Advocate4PublicEd

Sample Post 5

Because of the flaws in charter school funding, we know that local school districts are overpaying by hundreds of millions of dollars. The time for charter reform is NOW! #Advocate4PublicEd