Find the contact information for your legislator by going to

  • Before you call, prepare by reviewing the talking points and knowing your district’s facts.
  • Identify yourself as a constituent and elected board director or district administrator and ask to speak with the legislator concerning education issues in Pennsylvania. If they are unavailable, you can speak with staff or leave a message.
  • Provide a short overview of what your district has been doing during the crisis and the struggles the district has faced as well as its accomplishments.
  • Use the talking points on budget, charter reform and mandate relief to help guide your discussion.
  • Briefly share your personal story of how one or all these issues has affected your school district and the responsibilities you need to meet.
  • Thank the legislator and/or staff member for their time and attention.
  • Ask if there is a way in which you or the school district the legislator represents can stay in touch.
  • Offer contact information.