PSBA is seeking energetic school board secretary leadership

The PSBA School Board Secretaries Forum steering committee is seeking new leaders to serve in 2019. There are two committee seats open for a two-year term… More

Education Excellence Fair request for participation deadline extended to June 15, 2018!

Share your district's successful programs at the Education Excellence Fair! Showcase your exemplary initiatives at the 20th Annual Pennsylvania Public Education Excellence Fair held in conjunction with the PASA-PSBA School Leadership Conference! Be one of a select group of Pennsylvania public schools to share your program on Wed., Oct. 17 or Thur., Oct. 18… More

New institute will enhance public education in PA

The Institute for Educational Governance and Leadership promises to enhance children’s education through thought leadership and research. Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts grapple daily with complex issues of educational quality, safety, equity, and oversight… More

PSBA supports recommendations to modernize school construction reimbursement process

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association is pleased to support the final report issued today by a state panel to improve the process for reimbursement of public school construction projects and calls on the General Assembly to act on the recommendations and to provide the necessary funding… More

PSBA disappointed in Senate committee vote to move ESA voucher legislation

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association is disappointed in today’s vote by the Senate Education Committee to approve Senate Bill 2, legislation to create Education Savings Accounts, or vouchers, that take state tax money out of neighborhood public schools for use at private schools… More

2018 EdPAC solicitation campaign is underway!

The 2018 EdPAC solicitation campaign has officially kicked off. As part of our 2018 EdPAC campaign, you will hear from our EdPAC board members across the state about how EdPAC helps public education succeed and why your contribution to EdPAC can make a difference… More

Opinion: Education savings account vouchers program misses the mark

The proposal to create a new type of school voucher program in Pennsylvania has prompted substantial debate in the legislature and the public on the best way to help students in struggling schools… More

Keep school boards nonpartisan: Oppose the proposed elimination of cross-filing

Legislation pending in the General Assembly (House Bill 638 sponsored by Rep. Simmons, R-Lehigh) would bring partisan party politics into public education by  prohibiting school board candidates from cross-filing nomination petitions… More

PSBA’s Andrew Christ discusses State of Education report on PCN’s ‘Focus on Education,’ program Sunday

In this week’s episode, “Focus on Education” program discusses the recently released 2018 State of Education report, which highlights success and challenges facing public education. Host EPLC President Ron Cowell talks with PSBA's Education Policy Analyst Andrew Christ in a concise and informative discussion about the comprehensive report… More

Pennsylvanians oppose taxpayer funds for private schools, support resources for struggling public schools

The results of a new public opinion poll show most Pennsylvanians are opposed to giving parents taxpayer-funded vouchers to send their children to private schools and prefer investing state funds to strengthen resources to help public schools… More