Rep. Grove video explains PlanCon proposal

PSBA has been working closely with Rep. Seth Grove (R-York Co.) over the past month to develop solutions to mitigate the PlanCon backlog and streamline the process. In the current proposed budget is a proposal to bond the debt of those projects in their final phase… More

PSBA Special Report: The Critical Need for Charter School Reform

PSBA has released a new special report the critical need for charter school reform. Click here to read the full report. Charter schools were created in Pennsylvania in 1997 as an educational experiment based on the premise that if you give educators more flexibility to innovate, achievement will increase… More

PSBA posts video on importance of advocacy

As a school director or administrator, you have a powerful voice when it comes to advocacy. In PSBA’s latest video, board members from various districts tell us the issues affecting their districts most, what we need to do and how to get involved. Watch to see if the stories sound familiar. More importantly, get involved… More

Express yourself in words, art and video

2015 PASA-PSBA School Leadership Conference Students have a great opportunity to express their thoughts and talents in the form of writing, art and video production as part of the annual Student Poster, Essay and Video contests. This year’s theme is “What the future of learning looks like to me… More

STATEMENT: PSBA calls proposed school funding formula great step forward

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) applauds the work of the Basic Education Funding Commission and says the proposed formula developed by the group over the past year is a great step forward to adequate, equitable and fair school funding in Pennsylvania… More

PSBA Executive Director Nathan Mains addresses members on staff participation in PSERS

In this video, Mains discusses PSBA's participation in the Public School Employees' Retirement System dating back to 1939; where the association stands on PSERS reform; and the association's efforts to have future PSBA employees removed from the retirement system… More

PSBA says mandate relief bills provide common sense solutions to save tax dollars

PSBA supports a legislative package of “common sense” mandate relief bills that would save millions of tax dollars… More

News Release: PSBA representatives join in support of PlanCon reform

PSBA President Elect Kathy Swope; Lewisburg Area School District Superintendent Mark DiRocco; and Southern Columbia Area School District Superintendent Paul Caputo represented the Pennsylvania School Boards Association during a news conference with Rep. Seth Grove (R-York) and Sen. John Eichelberger (R-Blair) on proposed PlanCon reform legislation… More

Mandate relief on legislative agenda — contact your legislators

Long-awaited mandate relief for school districts is on the agenda for the House Education Committee on Monday, June 15. We anticipate that the committee will report the bills out to the House floor… More

Missed our chat with Rep. Mike Sturla? View the Storify recap!

If you missed our chat with Rep. Mike Sturla, member of the Basic Education Funding Commission, you can view the recap via @storify. Rep. Sturla answered questions about the commission and the funding formula process… More