Insurer threatens to sue If PA tries to take $200M

An organization created by state law to offer medical malpractice insurance is threatening to sue if Pennsylvania state government tries to take $200 million from it… More

Suburban schools increase substitute teacher pay to combat shortage

The substitute teacher shortage is one of the ripple effects from the wider teacher shortage afflicting Pennsylvania. With fewer people seeking teacher certification, the pool of substitutes has shrunk considerably as well… More

In rural America, school choice sometimes means virtual school

More families are opting out of the traditional school system and sending their kids online. Last school year, 35 students from the district were enrolled in cyber charter schools, which are publicly funded but privately run. That’s out of almost 11,000 students… More

Too early to call PA state budget talks at an impasse? That’s how some state House members see it

This is a strange state budget cycle. The $32 billion spending bill for 2017-18 is now law, but out of balance… More

Christie OKs law to give schools transgender policy guidance

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed legislation last Friday requiring the state to give guidance to public schools about policies for transgender students, including blocking the schools from forcing the students from using bathrooms that conflict with their gender identities… More

Opinion: Education laws need retooling for changing demographics

According to an annual survey of “Black and Latino Parents and Families on Education and Their Children’s Future” facilitated by the Leadership Conference Fund, Black and Latino parents do not feel that educators, or more specifically the system in which these educators operate within, are upholding their portion of responsibility to their children… More

The ongoing battle between science teachers and fake news

In a time when access to information is easier than ever, students have much more to sift through than in the past. These days kids come in with all sorts of questions about things they've read online or heard elsewhere… More

New vaccination rules in place ahead of school year

The time to go back to school is coming soon, and that may require a trip to the doctor’s office for some kids. This spring, the Pennsylvania Department of Health put forth a new rule requiring students be up to date on all vaccinations by day five of the school year… More

Senate approves changes to teacher layoffs as part of Pennsylvania budget plan

Tucked into a piece of budget legislation outlining how Pennsylvania education money is to be spent is a controversial new measure that would allow school districts to furlough staff for economic reasons… More

Pa. Senate passes revenue plan that would tax gas drillers, customers and more

Whenever legislative leaders can successfully push difficult legislation through their chamber it is, to them and their staffs, a victory. But Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-Centre) was not exactly celebrating moments after a tax-filled revenue package narrowly passed, 26-24, Thursday morning… More